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Lock Hearts Home Care Solutions is a DODD-certfied home health agency that is located and certified in Akron, Ohio. We provide a variety of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We also provide reliable, skilled, and dedicated professionals. We offer a comprehensive approach to caring, serving, and empowering individuals. We also operate daycare services in the State of Ohio.

What We Do

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Homemaker Personal Care (HPC), Non-Medical Transportation, Residential Placement, Remote Support, Adult Day Program and Vocational Program.

Our Philosophy

Providing Best Home Care

The agency belives that quality services are essential elements of a fundamentally successful business. These services are to be delivered in an efficient, competent, and cost-effective manner. The primary goal of our employees is to contribute to the care of the clients to be the best of their abilities and to restore and/or maintain the optimum level of independence of the client under the care plan developed; Our employees will be required to provide the highest quality of care to clients within the scope of their education and training.